Verkís at Hydro conference 2022

Hydro 2022

The HYDRO 2022 conference was held in Strasbourg, France 25 to 27 April. Verkís representative to the conference was Þorbergur Steinn Leifsson, civil engineer in Department of Energy and Industry. Verkís also participated in a joint stand of Icelandic companies.

Þorbergur spoke at the conference on the optimal design of waterways made easy. There he presented a method for taking into account the variability of the flow in a very simple but theoretically correct way. The talk was based on an article by Þorbergur that was published in the conference materials that can also be read here.

This method was introduced by Loftur Þorsteinsson, former professor and director of the Sigurður Thoroddsen Engineering Office (VST) and has been used successfully in Iceland for decades. The method, on the other hand, seems almost unknown elsewhere and is hardly found in textbooks. The talk attracted some attention.

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Hydro 2022