Verkís lecturer at WGC 2020+1

WGC 2020+1

Thorleikur Jóhannesson, geothermal expert at Verkís, will participate in the WGC 2020+1 short course on “Utilisation of low to medium temperature geothermal resources”.

The course will take place in Iceland and online on 23-24 October 2021.

The short course aims at introducing the successful utilization of low- to medium-temperature geothermal resources in Iceland, which is an important pillar for the good living conditions in Iceland today. Thermodynamics are introduced and source temperature dependent utilization. Design of the different types of utilization discussed through thermal calculations and design, including district heating, geothermal baths, agri- and aquaculture, drying, heat pumps for heating and cooling, etc. Binary power production from low-temperature waters is discussed, economics and cascaded use.

Verkís is proud to have its experts participate in courses contributing to spreading knowledge on best practice in geothermal utilisation.

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WGC 2020+1