Verkís participated in conferences in Germany and Poland

Þorleikur, mechanical engineer at Verkís Energy and Industry Division

Egill Viðarsson, managing director of Verkís, and Þorleikur Jóhannesson, mechanical engineer at Verkís Energy and Industry Division, participated in two conferences in Europe this week.

The first conference was held in Germany last Monday, June 12th, and was entitled Germany – Iceland Clean Energy Summit, and the second conference was held in Warsaw, Poland last Wednesday, June 14th, and was a conference on strengthening cooperation between Poland and Iceland.

The conference in Germany was held in the premises of the Nordic embassies in Berlin, but in addition to the Icelandic embassy, Green by Iceland and energiewaehter hosted the conference. Þorleikur had a seat on a panel about geothermal energy and it´s multi-use, which was entitled Harnessing geothermal energy potential and it’s cascading uses. He discussed i.a. heating supply systems and the importance of using the technology to make the most of the hot water from the earth.

Among the participants were Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson, Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate, and Dr. Robert Habeck, Minister of Economy and Climate of Germany. In his speech Guðlaugur said i.a. that Icelanders are lucky enough not to be dependent on Russian oil or gas. Geothermal energy is a domestic source that brings Icelanders energy security, reduces the need to import non-renewable energy and increases energy independence.

The conference in Poland discussed geothermal energy, energy transition and carbon capture and storage. Þorleikur delivered a talk on behalf of Verkís, where he discussed Verkís experience in the field of geothermal energy and the consultancy the company provides, both in Iceland and throughout the world.

Þorleikur discussed i.a. Verkís’ collaboration with the town of Gryfino in Poland, where the project revolves around the implementation of the concept of blue-green surface water solutions in Gryfino to make the town better prepared to deal with the negative effects of climate change, increase public awareness of the issue and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Þorleikur, mechanical engineer at Verkís Energy and Industry Division