Verkís receives funding from the World economic development goals fund

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Verkís was one of four companies that received funding from the World Economic Development Goals Fund for cooperative projects in developing nations, as announced last week by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The fund’s goal is to encourage corporate participation in and support of development cooperation. As We Grow, Creditinfo Group, and Tern Systems were the other companies.

The goal of Verkís’ project, which is called Geothermal India, is to assess India’s geothermal resources, particularly in the Himalayan and Indian Peninsula regions. The country offers great potential for the use of geothermal energy and for building power plants, and Verkí’s experience will be invaluable in these endeavors. The project will be carried out in close coordination with the affected areas’ experts and local municipalities.

The first step will be to process the data pertaining to possible geothermal production sites. Subsequently, three specific locations will be chosen for a feasibility study designed to assess the optimal utilization of these areas. This study serves as a preliminary step before delving into more extensive geological investigations and planning for the implementation of geothermal energy. Many benefits could result from the installation of such a system for the neighborhood, including less pollution, lower energy costs for homes and businesses, and possible growth prospects for tourism. This initiative has the potential to invigorate the regional economy, create additional employment opportunities, and enhance the overall well-being of the population.

More information about the project can be found on the Governing Council’s website here .

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