Work has started in the expansion of Svartsengi power pland


HS Orka has started work on the expansion of the power plant in Svartsengi. Verkís takes care of all the design for the expansion, i.a. design of the building structures and house systems of the power station and control building, design of the power plant’s mechanical, electrical and control equipment, as well as advice on the purchase of other associated systems and equipment.

The power plant will have one production unit that will replace several older turbines and equipment. By diverting steam from the older units, production capacity increases and both maintenance and production costs decreases. It is also assumed that the expansion will possibly also allow for further optimisation of resources in Svartsengi in the future. After expansion, the production capacity of the power plant in Svartsengi will be 85 MW.

All required permits have been obtained for the expansion and ground has been broken. Project design was completed in April this year, and work is now being done on the detail design and preparation of tender documents. All design and coordination between technical disciplines takes place in 3-D information models and is a virtual reality i.a. utilized to review the state of the design.

Verkís has provided consultancy on Svartsengi Power Plant since 1978.

HS Orka : HS Orka commences 22MW expansion at Svartsengi Power Plant.

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