Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a spa and health clinic utilizing the unique qualities of the geothermal brine from the Svartsengi geothermal power plant.

The spa is world famous and has been voted the world’s best natural spa and among the ten most amazing spa facilities in the world.

The lagoon was initially formed by refuse water from the Svartsengi geothermal power plant and today a 800 m long pipeline carries the 160°C geothermal brine underground from the plant to the current location of the lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is kept at constant temperature thanks to mixing and distribution centers on the lagoon.
In 2003-2004 several additions were made, including new massage rooms, saunas and a waterfall, and in 2005-2007, due to heavy demand, further extensions were made. During this period the Blue Lagoon Psoriasis Clinic, consisting of a small lagoon and associated facilities, was also launched. The Blue Lagoon now includes several facilities, such as a restaurant, meeting and conference rooms and shops. Health and beauty products are also produced from the geothermal sea water and a pipe has been laid from the power plant for this specific purpose. The visitor center is partly served by a natural ventilation system as well as mechanical ventilation. The buildings are mostly heated by floor-heating supplemented with the mechanical ventilation system in critical areas. The whole building is also equipped with a sprinkler system.
The lighting design by Verkís at the Blue Lagoon has been acclaimed by many specialists and was awarded the “Nordic Lighting Awards” in 2006 for bringing out the building architecture and creating a comfortable environment.
Verkís services was project planning, conceptual and detail design, preparation of tender documents, material procurement and supervision of construction. Ventilation systems, piping systems: heating, snow-melting, domestic and waste water, electrical installations, lighting design and structural design.

Technical information


Grindavík – Iceland


5.000 m² 

Project period:

1987 – 2007

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