Hólmsheiði prison

The prison is located in the outskirts of the capital Reykjavík in Iceland.

The size of the building is about 3.700 m² and the building premises are 37.410 m². The owner of the building is the government of Iceland. The prison began operations in the year 2016.

The architectural firm Arkís designed the winning proposal for the prison building. Arkís then chose Verkís to design the electrical, lighting and security systems for the project. The Hólmsheidi Prison is a modern facility and was designed in accordance with the latest building standards with the aim to be certified according to the BREEAM environmental system as “Very Good”. The building is a custodial-, short sentence-, and a women’s prison with a total number of 56 cells.
The electrical design includes the electrical power systems, main power panel, uninterruptable power system, backup diesel generator system and all low voltage distribution within the building and the premises. Communication systems, a fire alarm system and a building management system was designed for the prison. The lighting system entails lighting within the building, area lighting within the prison fence as well as emergency lighting and a lighting control system.
The security system is extensive and includes the building, the yard as well as the exterior fence. The system entails a security camera system, a security door control system, a special communication system as well as a movement detection system. Verkís conducted a special security evaluation and provide recommendations.
Verkís services were preliminary cost estimate of all electrical systems, design of power system, emergency power system, interior and exterior lighting, fire alarm system, communication system, building Management System (BMS), all security systems and security systems evaluation and recommendation.

Technical information


Hólmsheiði – Iceland


3.700 m²

Project period:

2012 – 2016

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