Multifunctioning sports hall, Garðabæ

Verkís is responsible for all engineering design.

The multifunctioning sports hall in Garðabær will accommodate a full-size football field. The size of the house will be around 18.200 m².

More about the project

Miðgarður, the name of the sport hall was chosen in a name competition among the resident in Garðabær, but according to mythology, Miðgarður is the center of the world and the place where humans live. It fits well with the goals of the sport hall, which, in addition to sports practices, will host a variety of activities and events in the town.

Verkís is responsible for all engineering desing, as well as assistance during construction. The project is a collaboration project between IAV, ASK arkitekta and Verkís in a general contract under the control of IAV.

Estimated completion date is in april 2021.

Technical information


Garðabær, Iceland


18.200 m²

Project period:


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