Multifunctioning sports hall in Mjódd

Verkís is responsible for preliminary design, is a consultant to the buyer, a member of the building committee, prepares tender documents and supervises the project.

The multifunctioning sport hall will be over 4,300 m² in size and its side building of just under 1,300 m².

More about the project

In the gym, there will be an artificial turf pitch that meets the requirements of the Football Association of Iceland for 7-8 people match and facilities for the practice indoor track and field in the north end of the building.

The facilities for indoor track and field will consist of tartan tracks and two sand pits for jumping, as well as high jump and pole jumping facilities. The multifunctional sports hall will be heated in the area of the ​​indoor track and field, with a ventilation system, ovens or interplay of both. The area for soccer will not be heated otherwise than a minimum temperature of 5°C (41°F) is guaranteed.

Technical information


Suður Mjódd, Iceland


4.326 m², 1.260 m²

Project period:


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