Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon is an elegant bathing spot with a hot lagoon by the sea and a unique view of the tip of Kársnes peninsula in Kópavogur.

This is one of the largest projects in tourism in recent years, and the lagoon has been enormously popular since it opened at the end of April in 2021.

More about the project

Sky Lagoon is intended to elevate Icelandic bathing culture, architectural history, and nature. During the construction of the lagoon, so-called wedged-shaped turf was used for the turf wall, which could be widely seen in Iceland in previous centuries. The lagoon has a seventy-meter long infinity edge that gives the impression that the sky and the sea merge when looking out of the lagoon.

Verkís provided a variety of services during the construction of the lagoon and managed the design of the pool system of the lagoon, heating utilities input, and heating of the lagoon, as well as heat recycling. Verkís also handled fire prevention design and consulted on the coordination and installation of the pool system, pipes, pumps, and cleaning equipment.

Technical information


Kársnes in Kópavogur


3 hectares

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