Sundhöll Reykjavíkur

Verkís participated in the extension of Sundhöll Reykjavíkur, which is one of the more well-known buildings in the Iceland.

The extension is a two-story front structure at Barónstígur and a low-rise building that runs perpendicular to it along the site boundary to the south.

The main entrance is close to the linking building. The front structure at Barónstígur and the low-rise building along the southern boundary of the site create, along with the older building and walls, a sheltered pool area facing the south. Total area of the building is approximately 1,000 m2. In addition, the pipe basement is approximately 350 m2. The pool area is approximately 682 m2. The size of the plot is approximately 3,484 m2. The pool area has a 25 metre outdoor pool with four lanes, as well as a steam bath, two hot tubs, a jacuzzi, and a wading pool.

The extension to Sundhöll Reykjavíkur at Barónsstígur will be the first project by the City of Reykjavík to be certified by BREEAM and is aiming for a rating of Very Good.

Verkís was responsible for the following designs in the project:

All load-bearing structures and foundations

All piping systems in the building, e.g. sewage and drain pipes, water, heating, and snow melting systems, as well as a sewage system for the grounds of Sundhöllin

All pool systems in the extension and integration for Sundhöllin’s pool system

The building’s ventilation system

All of the building’s electrical installations, including lighting inside and outside Sundhöllin, as well as the design of all special systems

Audits and condition assessment of Sundhöllin

Preparation of project drawings, project specifications, bill of quantities (BoQ,) and cost estimates

Lighting Design

Verkís’ lighting team was nominated for the Icelandic Lighting Award in 2019 for a number of projects, including the lighting design of Sundhöllin.

Other aspects managed by Verkís:

Verkís has handled all consultation regarding the environmental certification, including assessor’s audits, material selection, and other work for BREEAM.

Verkís was also responsible for work for BREEAM during construction, audits and data collection (Post Construction.) Verkís has also worked on the organisation of acceptance tests, audits for acceptance tests, commissioning, data collection, and reporting for BREEAM.

Verkís also provided consultation for the extension regarding design, tendering, and monitoring for the integration of special systems between the new and the old building. The special systems in question are: burglar alarm system, intercom system (speakerphone system,) emergency button system, camera system, and control system. Verkís also provided consultation for the extension regarding technical monitoring and material approval of the complex technical equipment of swimming pool systems and sub-systems that make up the swimming pool system as a whole.

The project was done in collaboration with VA Architects.

The extension was taken into use on December 3, 2017.

Technical information


Barónsstígur 45a – 101 Reykjavík


1,140 m² and 750 m²

Project period:

2015 – 2017


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