The National theater of Iceland

The National Theatre of Iceland has been a leading institution on the Icelandic theatre scene since it opened formally on April 20, 1950.

The theatre performs around thirty productions each season and the repertoire is varied: new Icelandic plays, new foreign plays, Icelandic and foreign classics, musicals, operas and children’s plays.

Today the theatre has five separate venues: the Main Stage (Stóra svidid, 500 seats), the Black Box (Kassinn, 140 seats), the Small Stage for Children (Kúlan, 80 seats), The Puppet Theatre Attic (Brúduloftid, 70 seats) and The Theatre Cellar (Leikhúskjallarinn, 100-120 seats).
Stage flight system was installed as well as an electrical pole used for stage curtains. The Theatre has a movable revolve stage. Verkís designed the stage sound & communications systems and infrastructure. The sound systems include: performance sound, sound effects and surround sound, intercom, control and equipment rooms. Both occupants and consultants were involved in the decision process to find the best possible solution for a sophisticated theatre.
There is a cable ladders for the low voltage distribution and closed cable trays for signal carriage. The light control system is controlled by the Building Janitor, with Stage Lighting System and a specialized lighting system for employees on the stage (Blue Lighting). Dimming control for the stage lighting is controlled by a DMX (Digital Multiplex). There is a interphone system in the main hall and in the actors chambers, audio and presentation system on stage.
Verkís services was telecommunication cable routing system design, sound system design, stage lighting design, stage flight system design and stage control system design.

Technical information


Reykjavík – Iceland


32.700 m² 

Project period:

1990 – 1995

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