According to contract, Garðabær assigns the Vífill Scout Association a plot of land in Heiðmörk to build an outdoor activities centre.

Vífilsbúð was inaugurated in May 2022.

The size of the plot is about 3,000 square metres. It is expected that the outdoor activities centre will have a floor area of about 200 square metres and, in addition, a sleeping loft of about 100 square metres.

The house is divided into a dormitory on two floors and a meeting room on one floor, and the buildings are connected by a corridor. The foundations and base plate are concrete, but the rest is made of wood. The architect is Sigurður Hallgrímsson, with Arkþing architects, and Verkís is in charge of fire technical design and the design of load-bearing structures, pipes, and electrical systems.

With the introduction of the new outdoor activities centre, there will be better opportunities to increase the interest of children and young people in the activities of the Scout Association, as the premises will be used to operate a wide range of educational activities in the spirit of the Scout movement.

Technical information


Heiðmörk, Garðabær


Plot 3,000 m², floor area 200 m², sleeping loft 100 m²

Project period:

2019 – 2022


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