A comprehensive audit of micro-power plant options

The project Micro Power Plants in the Westfjords was approved as a focus project in 2019 within the Westfjords’ expansion plan.

Focus projects are related to aspects such as industrial development, innovation, culture, education, or regional development and support the United Nations’ Global Goals.

More about the project

The audit aims to analyse whether there is a need to establish a micro power plant fund in the Westfjords, the aim of which would be to support the first steps in research and increase the potential for micro power plants in the Westfjords.

In the audit, the power development options that have already been examined will be researched and recorded, the watersheds of the whole of the Westfjords will be screened and the main harnessing parameters of the power plants will be examined. The results of the report can be used to assess which power developments options in the Westfjords are the most cost-effective.

The construction of micro power plants will be important in Iceland’s increased electricity generation needs, as the number of larger power development options is now decreasing. The micro power plants will contribute to increased energy security in the countryside and can also support farming and other economic activities across the country. Power plants with an installed power of up to 10 megawatts are considered micro power plants.

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