Azores power plant

Verkís services was technical and operational consultancy.

The Pico Vermelho power plant was the first geothermal power plant in the Azores. It was built in 1980 and started operation in 1981.

Its total installed power was then 3 MW, but due to well damage and scaling problems its average output was drastically reduced. During 1981-2003 period, the power plant produced about 81 GWh electricity with average output just over 0,6 MW.

Verkís has, together with HS Orka, former the district heating company Hitaveita Suðurnesja, provided technical and operational consultancy to the Sogeo power company in the Azores. The scope of work was to provide consultancy for a new 10 MW Pico Vermelho binary power plant and for the use of a geothermal energy for milk processing.

The Azores is an archipelago located on the Atlantic ridge almost straight south of Iceland. The islands belong to Portugal. Inhabitants are about 230.000, half of which live in San Miguel, the largest island.

The archipelago´s geothermal potential is quite substantial. Geothermal utilization started in 1981 with production of electricity on a small scale About 80% of the electricity power demand of 125 MW is now supplied by fossile fuel generating sets.  Recently there has been renewed interest in utilizing geothermal energy for electricity production, and the total installed electrical power in geothermal power plant with the new 10 MW plant in Pico Vermelho now adds up to 24 MW, or roughly one-fifth of the total power demand.  Co-generation of electricity and heat with the possibility of using hot water in industry may also be considered. Demand for district heating is, however, rather limited due to mild weather with temperature ranging from 12 to 20°C all year long.

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