Corbetti geothermal power project

The consortium Verkís/Mannvit was appointed in 2014 by Reykjavík Geothermal and later Corbetti Geothermal Company as Owner’s Engineer for the Corbetti Geothermal Power Project.

The company is to focus on the development of high temperature (high enthalpy) geothermal resources for utility scale power production in the Main Ethiopian Rift.

The plan involves the construction of a geothermal power project of 500 MWe in two phases and additional 500 MWe at a later stage
The project involves the development of a geothermal power plant in Ethiopia, to be built in the Corbetti area. Implementation of the initial phase was initiated in the fall of 2014 and involved tendering of four back pressure well head units, including mist eliminator, civil works, control- and protection systems and transformers for Corbetti Geothermal power plants with 20 MW net power generation.
Main activities undertaken so far as Owner’s engineer include preparation of tender documents for the EPC contract, consulting  on water supply systems, access roads and well-pad preparation for drilling activities as well as consulting on grid connection of the first two phases, including PPA contracting with the Ethiopian Transmission Grid Company EEP.

Technical information


Corbetti, Ethiopia


20 megawatts

Project period:

2014 – 


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