Glerárstífla is an approximately 90 metre long and 7.4 metres high concrete dam in Glerárdal in Akureyri and is part of Glerárvirkjun II.

The dam consists of a spillway, a bottom outlet, and an intake structure and on either side there are fill dams with a concrete retaining wall.

The spillway is 12 metres long and arch-shaped on top. The bottom outlet is 2×1.5 metres in size and is closed with a hydraulically controlled bottom outlet valve. The intake structure consists of an intake reservoir and a valve building. The water is fed through an intake grid into the intake reservoir, from where it passes through a pipe break valve located in the valve building, and from there into the pressure pipe.

Verkís was in charge of drawing up the master plans for the structure and applying for a building permit. Verkís also handled the preparation of tender documents and all the partial design of the structures.

Technical information


Glerárdalur Akureyri, North Iceland


3.3 megawatts

Project period:

2013 – 2017


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