Modular well-head geothermal power plant

Verkís has assisted Green Energy Geothermal, the solution provider, in developing modular and cost efficient well-head power plants since 2009.

Green Energy Geothermal (GEG) is a company focused on delivering turn-key flash type modular wellhead geothermal power plants on a turn-key basis. The concept is based on a power plant system prefabricated in ready modules that can be commissioned on site in a matter of weeks. Verkís has provided consulting services to GEG to develop the power plants which sizing ranges from 2,5 MWe to 6,4 MW.

By mid-2015, GEG had successfully commissioned 8 power plants totaling 45,6 MW in Olkaria, Kenya. The well head modular plant concept was initially designed to be installed at the first wells drilled at a geothermal field to produce electricity during construction of a larger power plant. This option allows developers to get a return on investment sooner than in conventional development schemes as the wellhead unit can be installed in a matter of months, rather than waiting years before it can be connected to a larger power plant. The well head units are designed to be moved between places, such as on to other wellheads as construction develops and wells are connected to larger power plant but can also be installed as permanent units.

The control/turbines/modules are designed to fit into standard 40ft ISO containers. The modules consist of multistage steam turbines with hydraulically operated governing valves for inlet steam flow control, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz synchronous AC generator, advanced direct contact condenser, two stage steam ejector system with intercooler and a counter current flow cooling tower with mechanically induced draft.

Verkís has contributed to the development and design of the concept and supported the GEG research and development team on various specific aspects.

Technical information


Olkaria, Kenya


2.5 – 6.4 megawatts

Project period:

2009 – 


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