Sisimiut hydropower plant

The Sisimiut Hydroelectric Project is located in West Greenland some 100 km north of the arctic circle.

The project harnesses the natural lake of Tasersuaq by drawdown with a gross head of 80 m. Headrace tunnel leads to the powerhouse and appurtenant structures which are located mostly underground in Second fjord at sea level.

The Sisimiut Hydroelectric Project is Verkís’ second hydroelectric project in Greenland following the realisation of the Qorlortosuaq hydroelectric project. The town of Sisimiut is located some 100 km north of the Arctic Circle. The power station is located near the inner end of a long fjord called “Anden fjord” some 60 km north of the town at 67° N and 53° W.
The project harnesses the discharge from the natural lake Tasersuaq by drawdown from its present level. Water is passed through an intake structure equipped with bulkhead gates that can be operated from an overlying underground chamber. The water is then conveyed through an evenly inclined unlined headrace tunnel down to two 7,5 MW Francis turbines in an underground powerhouse. The powerhouse is at sea level some 125 m inside the mountain. Adjacent to the powerhouse is a transformer cavern housing two main transformers, a local transformer and switchgear. The water from the turbines empties into a tailrace tunnel, which again opens into a tailrace canal leading to the sea.
A 365 m² service building of concrete is located at the access tunnel portal, housing service facilities and storages for the power station and its personnel. In addition the building includes fully equipped accommodation for 12 people. A substation equipped with two transformers, switchgear and the pertinent controls is located near the town of Sisimiut.
Generated electricity will supply the town of Sisimiut (some 6.500 inhabitants) with electricity, substituting existing diesel generators, thus making the town independent of imported fuel.
The Sisimiut Hydroelectric Project was Verkís’ second hydroelectric project in Greenland following the realisation of the Qorlortosuaq hydroelectric project.
Verkís scope of services encompassed feasibility study and site evaluation; EPC bid preparation; Tender design for subcontractors; final design of all civil work; Detail design and/design review of all electrical and mechanical equipment; Site acceptance and commissioning.

Technical information


Sisimiut, Greenland


15 megawatts

Project period:

2006 – 2009


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