Sultartangi substation

The substation is equipped with 220 [245] kV GIS switchgear with double main busbars and a transfer busbar.

The original substation was with six bays, two transformer bays, a bus coupler/transfer breaker bay and three transmission line terminals.

The transformer bays are connected by cables to unit transformers in a nearby Hydro Power Plant. The substation is equipped with all necessary auxiliary equipment such as station service transformer, 400 V distribution and double 110 V DC systems. The local control cubicles for the respective GIS bay are of the hard-wired type but the next two control levels are by PLC control and local SCADA system. The highest control level is from dispatch centre in Reykjavík via gateway. The protection relays are of modern numerical type. The switchgear and all auxiliary equipment is located in a concreted building on two elevations.

In 2003/2004 the substation was extended by one transmission line bay and is foreseen to be extended by one transmission line bay in the future. At the same time the higher level control system was partly renewed. This extension included extension of the switchgear hall of concreted building.

Verkís services was all disciplines, civil, mechanical and electrical, project planning design, design memoranda, tender design, technical specifications and tender documents, both for the civil work and the substation equipment, all detail design of the substation building and it´s appurtenances; structural design, design of steel structures, piping, ventilation, embedded earthing and electrical installations in the building.

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Sultartangi, Iceland


220 kilovalt

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