Svartsengi power plant

Verkís services was project management and design supervision, design, tender documents and procurement.

Structural design, piping systems, ventilation, mechanical equipment, electrical installation, control and monitoring equipment, fire safety design. Supervision of construction work, test and start-up activities.

The Svartsengi power plant is the first geothermal power plant in the world to combine generation of electricity and production of hot water for district heating. Today, the total production capacity of the Svartsengi Power Plant is 75 MWe and 150 MWth. Waste heat from the plant is used for various purposes at the Blue Lagoon spa facilities located nearby. Verkís hf has provided consulting services at all stages during the Plant development, since the very beginning.

The Power Plant in Svartsengi has been developed in 6 successive phases since 1978. The Power Plant produces electricity and hot water for district heating. Geothermal brine effluent, rich in minerals and silica algae, is lead to the Blue Lagoon, now a well-known bathing and healing resort.

Power Plant OV1 was designed to produce district heating hot water and electricity. Two back-pressure turbines were installed in 1978 and 1979, producing 2×1 MWe, mostly for the plant´s own power needs. The geothermal brine cannot be used directly in district heating. This plant is mostly laid-off now.

Power Plant OV2 was built in 1980 to produce 225 l/s of 125°C hot water, equivalent to 80 MWth. Like OV1 the plant produces district heating water by heating up 5°C fresh water.

Power Plant OV3 is mainly dedicated to electricity production with 6 MW back-pressure steam turbines specially designed for the plant.

Power Plant OV4, built in stages 1989-1992, 7 units, appr. 1,2 MW each. The plant uses excess steam, some 105°C, from OV2/3/5 to boil isopentane, which in turn is admitted to the turbine generators.

Power Plant OV5 was built to replace OV1 and to meet the increasing demand for electricity and district heating hot water.

Power Plant OV6 is a 30 MWe, producing only electricity.

Technical information


Reykjanes, Iceland


75 megawatts

Project period:

1978 – 2008

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