Blikastaðaland is an open and uninhabited area by Vesturlandsvegur on the municipal border of Reykjavík and Mosfellsbær.

The development of the business centre Korputún is planned in the area, which will be planned with natural quality, sustainability and shared use as a guiding principle.

More about the project

One of the goals of the area’s land-use plan is to arrange the layout of streets, lots, houses, and other structures so that they disturb the adjacent nature and living environment as little as possible. Sustainability is a guiding principle in the implementation of planning and buildings so that the new settlement will be a positive addition to the existing environment, society and economy.

A letter of intent regarding the development of Blikastaðir was signed in June 2019. It is estimated that the City Line will pass through the area in 2030. The land-use plan for the business centre Korputún entered into force in March 2023.

Verkís manages engineering design, regional technology, and environmental issues. Verkís provides, among other things, sustainability consulting for BREEAM certification. By BREEAM certifying the structure, it is guaranteed that sustainable priorities are taken into account in planning work from the very beginning with well-defined criteria for social, environmental, and economic quality.

Technical information


Blikastaðaland, on the border between Reykjavík and Mosfellsbær.


15 hectares

Project period:

2020 –

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