Identification and disposal of hazardous materials

Verkís conducted an environmental analysis and prepared a plan for the disposal of hazardous materials due to the demolition of ten apartment buildings owned by the Greenlandic state in Maniitsoq, Greenland.

About 90% of real estate in the country is owned by the state. Some of the apartment buildings had been empty for a long time, and all ten buildings needed a lot of maintenance.

It did not seem worth the cost to repair them, so the decision was made to demolish them and move the residents gradually somewhere else. In total, the apartments were 8,237 square metres.

Samples were taken from all building materials and sent for analysis, where results were obtained on how harmful the materials were. As a result, a demolition plan was drawn up and Verkís submitted three reports.

Technical information


Maniitsoq, Greenland


8,237 m²

Project period:

2014 – 2018


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