ABK sewage system

The construction of treatment plants along with the laying of a drainage system in Akranes, Borgarnes, and Kjalarnes was part of Orkuveita Reykjavíkur’s projects regarding drainage in Borgarfjörður.

More about the project

Treatment plants were built in Akranes, Borgarnes, and Kjalarnes, between 200 and 500 square metres.  The amount of sewage pumped from each station is between 60 – 460 l/s. New sewage pipes were laid – both gravity fed and pressure pipes – along with the installation of 13 prefabricated pump wells. Cast-in-place pumping stations were also built in Akranes and Borgarnes, two in each town. Along with the sewage pipes, heating and water pipes were also laid, along with telecommunication pipes.

The project will end with the laying of water pipes from the treatment plants in Akranes, Borgarnes, and Kjalarnes and the commissioning of the treatment plants.

Verkís handled geological investigations, geotechnical engineering, structural design, mechanical systems, utilities and sea pipes, plumbing and ventilation systems, construction supervision, and land surveying.

Technical information


Akranes – Borgarnes – Kjalarnes


200 – 500 m² and 60 – 460 l/s

Project period:

2005 – 2010/2014 – 2018

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