Dýrafjörður – tunnel

The project is a new tunnel and adjoining roads between Arnarfjörður and Dýrafjörður in the Western Fjords of Iceland.

The total length of roads and tunnel is 13,7 km but the road to Isafjordur is shortened by 27,4 km.

Integration and connectivity in a rural area like the Western fjords of Iceland depends heavily on good transport systems. With that in mind, the current roads between the southern fjords to Isafjordur, the administrative centre of the area, are considered insufficient. They are substandard, dangerous and often closed in the winter due to snowfall or risk of avalanches. The decision has therefore been made to improve this situation by constructing a new, safe link that is open the whole year and provides the north and south fjords with a good connection.

Dýrafjörður tunnel will be between Arnarfjörður and Dýrafjörður and at its completion will become part of the shortest route between Ísafjörður and Reykjavik at 429 km. The tunnel is 5,7 km in bedrock and total length of portals is about 300m. The tunnel is excavated by drilling and use of explosives, reinforced with rock bolts and sprayed concrete. The road is two lanes and there are emergency portals at 500 m intervals.

The tunnel cross section is according to the Norwegian Standard. It is circular, with total width about 8,0m and maximum vehicle height is 4,2m. The project also includes constructing new roads at both ends of the tunnel to connect it to the existing road system. Total length of these roads is about 8km.

Verkís services was most aspects of the design and preparation, coordination, tunnel portals, adjoining roads, traffic signs, preparation of tender documents and procurement, 3D modelling for environmental assessment report.

Technical information


Western fjords, Iceland


6 kilometer

Project period:

2009 – 2020

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