Jökulsá á Sólheimasandi – Bridge

In 2019, Verkís signed a contract with the Icelandic Road Administration for the preliminary design of a new bridge.

A bridge over Jökulsá á Sólheimasandi with the aim of doubling the road over the river.

The current bridge over Jökulsá á Sólheimasandi is 159 metres long and was built in 1967. It’s built over a 9.5 km long glacial river that flows from Sólheimajökull.

One of the defined goals of the government’s Transport Plan is to eliminate single-lane bridges on highways where more than 200 vehicles pass through them per 24 hours on average (AADT.)

Verkís completed the preliminary design of the bridge in 2019 and signed a contract in April 2020 for the final design of the new bridge. The design will be based on the preliminary design.  Verkís will also prepare the tender documents except for the project specification that will be written by the Road Administration.

Technical information


South Iceland


160 m

Project period:

2019 – 2021


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