A service building, with different utilisation potentials which are intertwined in a few square metres.

There are toilet facilities, washing facilities, a viewing platform, a rest bench, and facilities for cyclists.

Verkís was responsible for all engineering design of the building, which is drawn by Stáss architects. The design of lighting in the hallway and on the outside of the building was a collaborative project between Verkís and Stáss. The grounds of the site were also designed by Verkís landscape architects, including the parking lot, the pavement around the building, and the hiking paths in the area. The designers put a lot of emphasis on environmentally friendly material selection and that the design would fit well with the environment.

Sannir landvættir, which are partly owned by Verkís, received a grant from the Tourist Development Fund to repair damage in the area and to build the parking lot. The construction of the building was entirely financed by Sannir landvættir.

The rest stop Landvarða was nominated for the Iceland Design Award in 2022. The professional media Archilovers chose the rest stop as one of the best projects of 2021 for its aesthetics, creativity, and utilisation potential.

Technical information


By Laufskálavarða in Mýrdalssandur


30 m²

Project period:

2018 – 2019


World goals