Óðinstorg – renovation

Lighting design and planning for Óðinstorg in Reykjavík. Verkís won a design competition for the project a long with Basalt Architects and VSÓ Consulting. 

Verkís is responsible for designing lighting, electricity, sustainable urban drainage systems and snow melting systems.

Verkís, Basalt Architects, and VSÓ Consulting won design competition of Óðinstorg. The main challenge of the competition was to promote the changing use of the square, but cars had been stored there for seventy years. Constructions of Óðinstorg were tendered in 2019 and they began in the summer.

The square and it‘s lighting design have been taking strong consideration for the winter scenario. The lighting scheme was planned to be discrete, and coherent with the landscape design. The main aim for the lighting scheme is to provide a pleasant atmosphere that feels natural and authentic towards the site.

Technical information


Reykjavík, Iceland

Project period:

2014 – 2019

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