Electric Vehicle Recharging

We want you to be able to charge your electric car safely.

More and more people are using electric cars to get from place to place. For users and owners of electric vehicle, it is extremely important to have good access to safe charging to make this work.

Electric mood

Verkís’ experts know that there are many things to consider when installing a charging facility. They know the process from A to Z, and that’s why contacting us is a good idea.

Often, only minor changes need to be made, but sometimes they are more extensive. It doesn’t matter, we’ll tailor our services to your needs.

Would you like to know more?

You can read about all the service elements we offer, along with frequently asked questions about recharging electric cars in our booklet.

Booklet on Verkís’ services for recharging electric cars.

Take the first step with us.

Verkís’ experts guide you through the process to safe charging.



Eiríkur K. Þorbjörnsson
Electrical Engineer B.Sc./ Security and Risk management M.Sc.
Field : Buildings

Haraldur Þór Gunnlaugsson
Electrical and Business Industrial Engineer
Field : Buildings