Emergency and Disaster Management

Is your business prepared for unexpected disaster?

Unexpected disasters of various kinds can cause great damage to the operations of companies and organisations and even lead to the cessation of operations.

Minimising the impact of disasters

Prevention, as well as quick and targeted responses, are fundamental in ensuring the best resilience of the business, successful restoration and continuous operation.

In order to minimise the impact of unexpected disasters on the operations in a constantly changing environment, it is necessary to have a defined process for preparing and responding to an emergency. This includes identifying the emergency that threatens the operations, assessing the risk, taking preventive measures, making response plans, and training in those response planss.

Verkís’ experts provide extensive consultation in the field of emergency and disaster management as well as training in disaster response.

Verkís also provides consultation on the development of continuity management, risk management, and disaster resilience with reference to ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management, ISO 31000 Risk management, and BS65000 Guidance on organisational resilience.


  • Strategy and goal setting
  • Organisation of internal management and coordination with other responders
  • Emergency analysis and impact assessment
  • Preparation of response plans, risk analysis, and assessment
  • Planning and implementation of training sessions
  • Post-disaster reconstruction, prevention, and remediation


Dóra Hjálmarsdóttir

Dóra Hjálmarsdóttir
HSE representative and consultant / Electrical Engineer M.Sc. / Certified Emergency Manager CEM®
Field : Buildings

Eiríkur K. Þorbjörnsson
Electrical Engineer B.Sc./ Security and Risk management M.Sc.
Field : Buildings