Procurement management

We have extensive experience in procurement management for projects large and small.

Verkís has managed procurement and negotiation on behalf of buyers or in cooperation with buyers in numerous projects.

Let us do the work

Most often, this means contract negotiations regarding the design, construction, or maintenance of a structure, but also the purchase of tools and equipment.

A large part of the procurement process consists of the preparation of tender documents, which can be divided into two basic elements; technical tender documents and terms and conditions.

Verkís provides experts, as appropriate, who run the procurement process for project purchases, from assembling the tender package, identifying and pre-selecting suppliers or bidders, advertising the tender, receiving bids, opening and evaluating the bids, finalising contracts, organising transport, and operating a warehouse at construction site, in order to handle the operation of construction contracts, change of management, and completion of works.

Verkís’ experts handled procurement management in numerous projects and are familiar with all aspects.


  • Procurement of design, construction, and equipment
  • Technical tender documents
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Contract forms
  • Operation of contracts
  • Logistics / Product management


Susanne Freuler
Food Engineering M.Sc. / Logistics B.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry