Quality management and audits

Quality management should enforce disciplined work practices in any workplace.

Verkís assists companies that want to use the methodology of quality management to improve work practices, and competitiveness, as well as, achieve better results in operations.

Quality first

Quality management should be equally simple and informative for managers, employees, and customers of companies. Everyone involved should know their responsibilities and duties using quality management. In the long term, quality management aims to maximise performance and capacity and minimise wasted time.

With a systematic approach, fixed work processes are defined and written with the aim of meeting the expressed requirements and expectations of customers in the most efficient way. International management system standards set out their requirements, including ISO 9001 on quality management, ISO 14001 on environmental management, and ISO 45001 on safety management.

Verkís also undertakes quality management and quality control in practical construction, where a quality manual or quality criteria for the project is drawn up, work processes and requirements for suppliers are defined, and monitoring is undertaken to ensure that the delivery of material and equipment is in accordance with the defined requirements.

With good quality management, everyone involved knows exactly what their duties are and where their responsibility lies.


  • Process review, status assessment, and quality manuals
  • Control system design and systems integration
  • Compliance audit and internal audits
  • Structure of processes that meet standards
  • Improvement, development, and process management


Susanne Freuler
Food Engineering M.Sc. / Logistics B.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry

Örn Steinar Sigurðsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry