Production Processes

Verkís offers engineering services in all areas of production and industrial processes.

The company’s experts have knowledge and experience in the fields of physics and chemistry, thermodynamics and hydrodynamics, heat transfer, environmental assessment, communication with public bodies, and license applications.

Diverse range of projects

We offer services for model calculations, analyses of safety, health and environment factors (SHE), risk assessment, operational risk (Hazop), root cause analysis and CE markings, design of control equipment and control systems, and much more. We pride ourselves on constantly updating our knowledge in an ever-changing world. In this way, we ensure that customers always receive solutions that are in line with the times, but also cost-effective for each buyer.

Verkís has worked on diverse industrial projects in all areas of aluminum production,

ferrosilicon and silicon metal production, rockwool and salt production, drying of calcareous algae, fish farming, fish processing, and pharmaceutical production to name just a few.

Among the projects carried out by Verkís’ experts in the fields of production and industrial processes are Norðursalt’s salt factory, the silicon factory in Helguvík, and the aluminum smelter in Straumsvík.

Our experts are constantly acquiring new knowledge so that we can offer solutions that are in line with the times.



Hannibal Ólafsson

Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Energy and industry

Kristján G. Sveinsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry