High Voltage Cables and Lines

Verkís’ services cover all aspects of cable laying, including high-voltage cables and associated equipment, earthworks, surveying, and zoning.

We have installed underground cables at all voltage levels used in Iceland, from low voltage up to 220 kV voltage.

We love a challenge

Verkís has been a member of a group of experts that Landsnet established in 2014 on the possibility of increasing the use of underground cables in the company’s 132 kV and 220 kV transmission systems.

Verkís’ staff has worked on numerous projects in the field of underground cables and is at the forefront of Icelandic engineering firms in the design and planning of submarine cables.

Verkís’ subsidiary in Poland, Verkis Polska, is specialised in servicing high-voltage overhead lines. The company has carried out a number of projects for Poland’s transport companies regarding the design and preparation, as well as supervision, of the construction of overhead lines.

Verkís’ projects with high-voltage overhead lines in Iceland have included preliminary studies and project design of high-voltage lines for Icelandic energy companies. The service includes line route checks, transmission capacity, tower types, load-bearing capacity, ground electrodes, and more.

Our experts love a challenge and are always looking for new and exciting ways to ensure the efficiency of projects and successful implementation.

Verkís is at the forefront of Icelandic engineering firms in the design and planning of submarine cables.


  • System checks, need for reactionary power substations, requirements for breaking capacity, etc.
  • Surveying, route selection, and calculations
  • Cable route design and crossing agreements
  • Tender documents, procurement, and construction contracts
  • Supervision, testing, connections, and electrification


Snæbjörn Jónsson
Electrical Engineer M.Sc. / Senior Project Manager
Field : Energy and industry

Haukur Geir Guðnason

Electrical Engineer B.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry