System checks

We have advanced system check software, and our experts have years of experience in the field.

When preparing new projects in the field of electricity systems, especially transmission and distribution systems, it is fundamental to set up a computer model of the system in advance and use it to analyse the stress that individual parts of the system, as well as the system as a whole, must endure.

We know what works

The same can be said about the analysis of systems that are already in operation – for example, if there are problems in their operation or if there is a need to alter or expand them. Verkís has considerable experience in analysing and consulting on the behaviour of systems and uses software for this. Results have been used as criteria for equipment design in both large and small projects with good results.

The company has two types of software for analysing electrical systems, Power Factory from Digsilent in Germany, and Paladin Design Base from Power Analytics in the USA. For the design and analysis of ground electrode systems, the company has the software CDEGS from SES in Canada. We keep up with technological innovations and developments in the field of system checks, and ensure that we always use the best available equipment. Service agreements with software manufacturers ensure that we always have the latest versions and access to support if needed.

Verkís has considerable experience in analysing and consulting on the behaviour of electrical systems, and uses software which is suitable for both large and small projects, whether high voltage, medium voltage, or low voltage.


Snæbjörn Jónsson

Electrical Engineer M.Sc. / Senior Project Manager
Field : Energy and industry

Jakob Logi Gunnarsson
Electrical Engineer B.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry

Emil Sigursveinsson
Electrical Engineer M.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry