Control and Defense Equipment

The company employs a diverse group of people with extensive knowledge and experience, along with people trained in testing control and defense equipment.

Verkís offers all general services for the defense equipment of power systems for energy companies and industrial companies.

Ambitious in our work

Verkís owns the system analysis software DigSilent Power Factory and can take on the task of calculating the setting values of protective relays in combined systems, as well as analysing various incidents that may occur in the system.

Verkís also has a testing device from OMICRON, which is specially designed for testing defense equipment (relay protection.) The use of the testing device is primarily focused on the defense equipment of generators and transformers on the one hand, and distribution systems at medium voltage on the other. The testing device can also be used for testing measuring equipment and information for the control system.

Our experts are leading in Iceland when it comes to defense equipment for electrical systems. We pride ourselves on delivering good and accurate work with the needs of the buyer in mind. In this way, not only do we achieve success, but also our customers. This is our motto.

We enter every project with the needs of the buyer in mind and take pride in delivering good and accurate work.



Guðbjörn Gústafssony
Electrical Engineer M.Sc. / Group Leader
Field : Energy and industry

Jón Pálmason

Electrical Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Energy and industry