Verkís’ experts provide services in the preparation and creation of zoning plans.

Verkís handles analyses, audits, and the formulation of planning projects on a broad professional basis in cooperation with and for private parties, public institutions, and municipalities.

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We offer our customers comprehensive solutions at all planning stages.

The planning stages

  • Coastal zoning planning
  • Regional planning
  • Master planning
  • Land-use planning
  • District planning
  • Framework planning

Verkís focuses on integrating the environmental assessment of plans into the planning process to ensure that zoning plans contribute to sustainable development, and have the most positive impact on society, the economy, and nature.

Verkís also provides services in other areas related to planning, for example environmental assessment of projects, traffic planning, and protection plans.


  • Digital planning
  • Consultation on zoning and consultation plans
  • Planning information
  • Multi criteria analysis
  • Option analysis
  • Environmental assessment of plans
  • BREEAM audits
  • Proposal submission
  • Mapping
  • Specific analysis
  • Site selection analyses
  • Site plans


Haukur Þór Haraldsson
Business development
Field : Managing Director Office

Erla Bryndís

Erla Bryndís Kristjánsdóttir
Landscape Architect / Group Leader Industrial Engineer
Field : Infrastructure