Industrial Piping

Verkís provides consultation in the field of piping and piping systems for industry.

Industrial piping can be varied. These include compressed air systems, cooling water pipes, dense phase conveying systems, gas systems, and other industrial installations.

We have the solutions

Our experts have the knowledge and experience required to provide comprehensive consultation and monitor industrial piping systems, both heavy and light.

Compressed air systems include industrial air compressors, air coolers and dryers, large air tanks, and other equipment, which must meet the strictest safety requirements, requirements for durability and ease of control and maintenance.

Dense phase conveying systems transport dry materials with the help of compressed air over long distances. These piping systems are accompanied by various types of material transport equipment, large and small tanks, filter equipment, material transmission equipment, control equipment, and more.

Cooling water pipes for heavy industry transport large quantities of cooling water over long distances with the help of pumping equipment, filter equipment, and control equipment.

Gas systems are piping systems that are laid underground and also inside industrial buildings. These piping systems must be designed in such a way that they require little maintenance, be completely free of leaks, and require special audits by the Administration of Occupational Health and Safety.

We also handle other industrial piping, such as cooling systems with a refrigerant other than water, and oil pressure systems that are used to drive various mechanisms.



Hannibal Ólafsson

Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Energy and industry

Kristján G. Sveinsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry