Substations and Conveying Stations

Verkís’ services include everything from preliminary studies to testing and electrification, as well as audits and condition inspections.

For decades, Verkís has done a lot of work in the field of electricity transmission for Iceland’s main energy and industrial companies, especially for substations, transformer plants, and conveying stations. The company has also worked on similar projects abroad, especially in connection with power plant projects.

Extensive experience

The company’s experience includes gas-insulated substations (GIS) and air-insulated substations (AIS,) both indoors and outdoors, in the voltage range from 33 kV up to 220 kV, and partially at 400 kV.

We have been entrusted with important projects that are crucial for the residents of each location. We are grateful for that trust.

Wide-ranging services

The company’s services cover all disciplines, for all structures and all equipment for substations, transformer plants, and conveying stations. This includes high-voltage equipment, power transformers, power cables, reactive power equipment, station equipment, control and protection equipment, earthworks, foundations, and building structures of all kinds with associated ground electrodes, pipes, and electrical systems.

Our services cover all design stages of substations and conveying stations, e.g. preliminary inspection, project design, tender design, final design, and detailed design as appropriate in each case.

We also supervise the contractor’s design, supervise the contractor’s tests, assist during construction and project supervision. We also offer services for audits and condition assessment of older substations and conveying stations.

Verkís has been entrusted with socially important projects in electricity systems. We live up to the trust with staff who have ample experience and adopt the latest technology in the relevant professional fields.


  • Project and design management
  • Preliminary studies and system checks
  • Project plans and cost estimates
  • Design management, zoning and risk analysis
  • Project design, final design, condition assessment, and operation
  • Creation of tender documents, tenders, and negotiations
  • Project supervision, audits, testing, and commissioning


Jóhannes Ófeigsson
Electrical Engineer B.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry

Helgi Þór Helgason

Electrical Engineer M.Sc. / Senior Project Manager
Field : Energy and industry