Cycling Paths and Footpaths

Experts in the transportation division deal daily with design and traffic planning for cyclists and pedestrians.

When designing transport systems, it is important to focus on the safety and comfort of softer modes of transport on an equal footing with road users, and traffic safety and traffic flow are always taken into account in designs.

Safety and convenience

Verkís provides a wide range of services and consultation in the construction of footpaths and cycling paths and has extensive experience in the design of tracks, paths and crossings for pedestrians, cyclists and horseback riders. Such projects have been of all sizes, from the design of short paths to footpath and cycling path systems in entire neighbourhoods.

Since 2010, Verkís has designed roads, streets, walking and cycling paths, and other transportation in Norway, mainly for the Norwegian Road Administration, Statens vegvesen, but also for municipalities.

Verkís’ guiding principle is to provide comprehensive services and come up with solutions based on efficiency and safety. During the project period, we offer project management, supervision, and decision-making support.

Every project is unique and no solution is the same when it comes to designing cycling paths and footpaths. We approach every project with an open mind and find the best, most economical, and most practical solution every time. That way we ensure that our solution is useful for everyone.

The comfort and safety of pedestrians and cyclists is of prime importance in the design of footpaths and cycling paths. We know this and it is always our guiding principle.



Guðmundur Jónsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Group Leader
Field : Infrastructure

Grétar Páll Jónsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Infrastructure