Sewage Utilities

Sewers are the basic infrastructure of every community, and Verkís provides a wide range of services regarding sewer utilities and surface water solutions.

Verkís’ projects in the field of sewage is to ensure cost-effective treatment of sewage to protect the environment.

We keep up with latest developments

Verkís’ experts have extensive experience in the design of sewage pumping stations, large and small treatment facilities, and sewer outlets, and provide first-class consultation that meets the requirements of laws and regulations that apply to such systems. Particular emphasis is placed on providing local services and personal consultation for smaller municipalities that are facing the costly development of sewage treatment utilities.

Verkís is a leader in surface water treatment in Iceland

With increased requirements for receiver protection and operational efficiency, together with increased pressure on the sewage system due to climate change, it will be necessary to separate rainwater from sewage. At Verkís, we offer multiple services for surface water treatment, both with system analyses of older sewage systems and at the planning and design stage of new districts.

Verkís’ experts are also leaders in surface water treatment and the implementation of blue-green surface water solution methodology, and Verkís offers an experienced multidisciplinary team of engineers, landscape architects, and planners in that field (See service category for surface water solutions.)

Sewage system smart technology is the future

At Verkís, all the design of new sewage systems is done in three-dimensional models, which can be conflict analysed immediately at the design stage, and thus minimising modification during the construction stage. Verkís’ experts are also up-to-date with the latest hydrology software, and deliver all utility infrastructure designs electronically so that the designs are immediately useful in the operation of the municipalities’ utility systems.

Densification of urban areas in the capital area parallel to infrastructure development will result in complex changes to the utility systems. Older utility systems need to be replaced or connected, and Verkís’ experience and knowledge of the latest measuring devices, sampling, and analysis software is useful for assessments and analysis of existing systems.

At Verkís, we are leaders in the development of separate systems for sewage and surface water with sustainability and natural solutions as a guiding principle.



Sigurður Grétar Sigmarsson
Water Resources Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Infrastructure

Birgir Tómas Arnar

Civil Engineer B.Sc.
Field : Infrastructure