Water Utilities

Verkís ensures the quality and safety of drinking water from the water source to the consumer’s tap with good service to Iceland’s water utilities.

The purpose of water utilities is threefold: Provide enough drinking water intended for consumption and food preparation, meet regulatory standards for water quality, and provide fire water for firefighting.

Safe and healthy water supplies

Verkís has at its disposal the interdisciplinary expertise of staff concerned with the sustainable use of the country’s water sources, be it the geological search for drinking water and the harnessing of water sources, the planning of water protection areas, risk analysis, or treatment of surface water so that it becomes suitable for consumption and meets quality requirements.

Water utility design of the future

Verkís’ services to the country’s water utilities relate to the design of water infrastructure such as pumping stations and water tanks, as well as the supply and distribution systems of the country’s utilities. We offer comprehensive solutions for organisation and planning, at all stages of design or during construction supervision, both for the construction of new water utilities, as well as the renewal or updating of older systems. Verkís designs all utilities systems in three-dimensional models, which can be conflict analysed immediately at the design stage, thus ensuring safe and economic solutions.

Analysis and modelling

Verkís also offers its customers pressure and performance measurements in fire hydrants. Continuous recording flow and pressure metres are used, which can measure over a shorter or longer period. The company also has specialised software at its disposal to analyse and design complex utilities and pipe systems.

At Verkís, we work with the ideal that drinking water is food and one of the foundations of public health and prosperity in Icelandic society.



Sigurður Grétar Sigmarsson
Water Resources Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Infrastructure

Vala Jónsdóttir

Vala Jónsdóttir

Environmental Engineer M.Sc.
Field : Infrastructure