BIM is a methodology that is useful throughout the life cycle of a structure, from design to practical implementation, operation, and maintenance.

Verkís has set itself the goal of being a leading consulting company in Building Information Modeling in Iceland that can provide quality and professional advice.

Progressive design

Verkís provides consultation on an international scale, as well as being an active participant in professional work in the field of BIM methodology and implementation in Iceland. Verkís has been involved in many BIM projects in Iceland and Norway.

Verkís focusses on adopting modern solutions when solving projects. The use of BIM models in the early stages of design provides the opportunity to perform engineering analyses and make informed decisions earlier in the design process, decisions which have a major impact on the quality and operation of a structure and that can be too late to make at later stages.

With BIM there is an opportunity to:

  •                 increase the quality of design
  •                 reduce the cost of construction
  •                 minimise risk
  •                 build more environmentally-friendly structures
  •                 economise during the operating time of a structure

Verkís has achieved good results in the coordination and conflict analysis of BIM models by using the latest technology in cloud services and open access for everyone to information about conflict analysis at any time. The design of structures, technical systems, and architecture is conflict analysed automatically, which facilitates the processing of designers. The outcome is a better design that results in fewer queries and lower costs during the construction period.

This is the process:

  1. Analyse BIM functions based on project objectives
  2. Develop BIM processes for the project
  3. Define the content of models
  4. Select infrastructure that supports selected BIM functions and processes

No project is alike, which is why we approach each BIM project based on the needs of the respective project and buyer.



Ólafur Daníel Jónsson
Head of Digitalisation
Field : Managing Director Office

Sigurður Jón Jónsson
Division manager / Electrical engineer B.Sc. / MBA
Field : Buildings