Snow Melting

Verkís is at the forefront of designing snow melting systems in Iceland.

Nowhere is the use of geothermal energy for space heating as common as in Iceland.

Sustainable energy use

Once the geothermal water has been used for space heating, it is often used for melting snow. Snow melters increase the sustainability of society by making full use of the heat distributed by national heating utilities.

Verkís’ experts have comprehensive knowledge of, and ample experience in, the design of snow melting systems. The company’s staff has designed many of Iceland’s larger snow melting systems, for example for the city of Reykjavík, Keflavík International Airport, and many other municipalities, as well as designing systems for car parks and walkways around buildings of all types and sizes. The company has also conducted audits and designed improvements to older snow melting systems to improve their energy efficiency and functionality.

We strive to find economical solutions when it comes to snow melting, and take great pride in analysing projects so that the work goes as planned, thus reducing the risk of unexpected challenges arising in the middle of the process. We also handle the commissioning and testing of projects to ensure that the wishes and needs of the buyer are met, no matter what the nature of the project.

Snow melting systems are a great way to fully utilise the energy in the hot water to increase the quality of life in the community.


  • Project management and feasibility studies
  • Cost and operating schedules
  • Audits, improvements, designs, and tender documents
  • Construction supervision, commissioning, and testing


Sigurður Grétar Sigmarsson
Water Resources Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Infrastructure

Andri Ægisson

Mechanical Engineer B.Sc
Field : Energy and industry