Bridges and Underpasses

For decades, Verkís had provided consultation in the field of traffic infrastructure, the preparation, and design of roads, footpaths, bridges, and underpasses.

With increased urbanisation and improvements to Iceland’s highways, projects in the category of traffic infrastructure have increasingly included the design of motorway junctions, bridges, and underpasses.

The work speaks for itself

Verkís offers services for the design of bridges and underpasses in parallel with projects in areas related to transport and traffic, including traffic research and forecasts, checks on the feasibility of transport options, structural design, preliminary design, and final design of transport infrastructure. The company also offers consultation on the operation and maintenance of such structures, as well as the preparation of tender documents, and supervision of construction projects.

The company has engineers that are specialists in the design of transport infrastructure, with experience in bridge design in Iceland and other Nordic countries.

When designing transport infrastructure, the main emphasis is on the infrastructure being safe for users, economical to construct and in harmony with its environment. Verkís has access to architects who have decades of experience in the design of traffic structures. The work speaks for itself and the projects that Verkís has undertaken showcase the extensive knowledge and experience that resides within the walls of the company. We will continue to grow in our work for the foreseeable future and welcome every challenge.

We emphasise that transport infrastructures are safe, economical to construct, and in harmony with the environment.


Guðmundur Jónsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Group Leader
Field : Infrastructure

Grétar Páll Jónsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Infrastructure