Traffic Technology

Verkís provides a wide range of services and consultation in traffic technology-related fields.

Verkís offers comprehensive services for the auditing of municipal traffic systems and services regarding the design of highways where they pass through urban areas.

We work with integrity

We use a method that has been used to increase road safety and reduce the environmental impact of traffic. Accident data and signs are reviewed and recommendations made with the aim of reducing traffic speed, reducing the number of traffic accidents, improving acoustics, making it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to cross roads safely, reducing the concerns of vulnerable road users, and beautifying the road environment.

Verkís has managed various projects related to traffic and regional planning, road safety, preparation of guidelines for speed reduction measures on highways in urban areas, and provides comprehensive services in this field. We have also participated in various projects related to traffic surveys, traffic forecasts, and cordon counts.

Our experts have years of experience in evaluating traffic systems and are constantly working to improve the safety of everyone on the road. The goal is always to prevent fatalities or serious accidents to those on the road, no matter what mode of transportation they choose.

We take our role in road safety very seriously and work with integrity to improve the safety of our fellow citizens.


Guðmundur Jónsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Group Leader
Field : Infrastructure

Grétar Páll Jónsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Infrastructure