Road and Street Design

Verkís provides multifaceted services and consultation in the field of traffic infrastructure, including the preparation and design of roads, footpaths, bridges, and underpasses.

When designing transport systems, it is important to focus on the safety and comfort of softer modes of transport on an equal footing with road users.

We speak from experience

Verkís has extensive experience in the design of tracks, paths, and crossings for pedestrians, cyclists, and horseback riders.

The design of street lighting is also an important part of the design of new constructions, as well as when improvements need to be made to the lighting of older streets. Traffic signs play a mandatory role in traffic control and their careful placement is important to minimise the risk of accidents, but traffic signs can also be used to improve traffic culture through their targeted use where appropriate.

Verkís has decades of experience in the design of streets and intersections, including for the Icelandic Road Administration and municipalities, both in the capital area and in the countryside. Such projects have been of all sizes, from the design of single road junctions to complete street systems along with drains and other utility pipes.

Since 2010, Verkís has designed roads, streets, walking and cycling paths and other transportation in Norway, mainly for the Norwegian Road Administration, Statens vegvesen, but also for municipalities. We are therefore able to take on a wide range of projects and find the best solution every time.

We know that it is of the utmost importance that the safety and comfort of everyone in traffic is guaranteed by the design of transport systems.


Guðmundur Jónsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Group Leader
Field : Infrastructure

Grétar Páll Jónsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Infrastructure