Project preparation

Good preparation ensures not only efficiency but success in processing any project.

Project preparation is the process from when an idea is born until the arrangement of the idea is fully formed and ready for implementation.

We start at the beginning

At the beginning, goals are set, which can usually be divided into production goals, that is, quantity and quality, cost goals – i.e. initial costs, operating costs and profitability – and project period goals.

The preparation begins with the definition of the subjects and work processes that are necessary to achieve the set goals. The preparation process is often divided into stages, and the continuation is then determined by a status check after each stage. The extent of the preparation depends greatly on the size of the project and the requirements for the accuracy of the plans.

Verkís’ tasks during the preparation stage can be individual aspects of the preparation, for example the development of ideas, cost estimates, project plans, risk analysis, impact assessment, profitability assessment, tenders, project contracts, and procurement, but also design management or overall supervision of the entire preparation of the project.

Preparation begins with the definition of the elements needed to achieve the set goal, but good preparation is worth its weight in gold.



Örn Steinar Sigurðsson
Civil Engineer M.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry

Susanne Freuler
Food Engineering M.Sc. / Logistics B.Sc.
Field : Energy and industry