Heating Utilities

Verkís has designed most of the heating utilities in Iceland and has also worked on such systems all over the world.

The development of utilities in Iceland was a huge step in the sustainable use of geothermal energy in Iceland.

World class expertise

The infrastructure of the heating utilities serves an important role in conveying energy from the bowels of the earth to users who use it for domestic heating, drinking water, and in national swimming pools, and Verkís’ experts are proud to remain an important part of that journey.

Universal services

Our experts have extensive knowledge in the field of heating utilities and years of experience in such projects. Verkís’ services to the country’s heating utilities relate to the design of heating infrastructure such as pumping stations and storage tanks, as well as the supply and distribution systems of the country’s utilities.

We offer comprehensive solutions for planning, system analysis and modelling, design, and construction supervision, whether regarding new utilities, modifications or updates to older utilities or their individual parts.

Analysis and modelling

At Verkís, work processes have been developed for the design of utilities to ensure safe and cost-effective solutions, and the company has specialised and powerful software at its disposal to analyse and design complex utilities and pipe systems.

In addition to designing most of Iceland’s heating utilities, Verkís’ experts have worked on projects abroad, for example in China and Slovakia. Icelandic expertise regarding utilities is in high demand, as the development of utilities that use geothermal energy is increasing in the countries around us.

Safe and cost-effective operation, for example through improved energy efficiency, is the key to a sustainable future for Icelandic society.


Sigurður Grétar Sigmarsson
Water Resources Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Infrastructure

Þorleikur Jóhannesson

Mechanical Engineer M.Sc. / Marketing manager
Field : Energy and industry