Sustainability of Structures

Sustainability is our business.

With its experience and knowledge, Verkís can offer
comprehensive consultation that ensures that the results are in line with the client’s goals.

We consider three factors:

Environmentally-friendly design: To offset the environmental impact of a structure over its lifetime

Life cycle cost analysis: To reduce waste and increase the operational efficiency of the structure

Social analytics: To maintain the safety and comfort of users without affecting the environment and finances.

One of the main aspects of consultancy in the field of sustainability of structures is to provide information to clients on how

these three factors are connected and influence each other.

The analyses are based on life cycle thinking, which includes looking at the environmental, financial, and social impacts of the preparation, construction, use, maintenance, and demolition of structures during their entire life cycle.

Verkís is a founding member of Grænni byggð, which is a platform for companies, institutions, and researchers for sustainable development in construction.

Verkís’ experts want to help you reduce the carbon footprint of buildings.

Booklet : Indoor Environmental Quality – Energy management, design and planning


Elín Vignisdóttir
Geographer M.Sc.
Field : Infrastructure

Ragnar Ómarsson

Construction Engineer
Field : Buildings